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Color Measurement made easy

MeasureColor Mobile is a color measurement solution consisting of a small device to capture surface colors and an app to view results.

▪ Scan just about anything to make sure the color is correct.

▪ Inspect finished goods.

▪ Match samples to your color standards.

▪ Quickly find the best match.

▪ Accurate and easy to use.

No training required

Use MeasureColor Mobile to check finished goods.

- It's portable so bring one to a meeting or supplier site.

- QC anywhere.

- Accurate and can be customized with YOUR color standards.

- Easy to read pass/fail displays.

Compare Colors

MeasureColor Mobile is a portable device you can take anywhere.....the shop floor, supplier sites, client meetings.

- Compare colors in seconds...anywhere.

- Scan the surface and the app displays the best product match.

- deltaE results are immediate and easy to read.

- Export you results, auto-saved and cloud based so you'll always have scan history. 

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