Collection: 45/0 Spectrophotometers

45/0° geometry illuminates the sample with a beam striking the sample at an angle of 45° while the detector views the sample at an angle of 90°. This is advantageous when seeking to match or evaluate color samples thanks to the reported agreement with visual assessments. A distinct disadvantage to this geometry, however, is the inability to examine transparent and translucent samples.The specimen is directly lit at 45° and the angle measurement meter measures the light reflected in one direction from the specimen at a 0° angle (Also possiblevice versa!) This way gloss is excluded and there is a better accordance with the visual impression of the human eye. This can be compared to changing the view angle to avoid disturbing reflections when reading a high gloss magazine in direct sunlight. Contrary to sphere measurement this direct measurement will show the ”real” visual difference between a mat and glossy colour swatch specimen (e.g. mat colour swatch ↔ glossy screen ink). Sphere meters try to imitate this using a gloss separator, however not with the same effective result. Angle geometry is especially suitable for smooth or only slightly structured surfaces.
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