Collection: Check My Color of Other Applications

Being in business for more than 30 years we recognize that every manufacturing operation that utilizes color can not fit neatly into one of our application boxes. Because we offer so many types of spectrophotometers and operating system platforms, we believe we can propose a solution for just about all color measurement needs. In addition to the instruments and operating environments offered, we have produced numerous measurement "jigs" that help facilitate the measurement of some of the most unusual items in the world. If one of our current tools does not work for your application, we have the capability and the facilities to manufacture custom devices to meet your needs. Rarely, have we come across some need in the color measurement world that we could not satisfy with our available resources. In addition, we recognize the need that many companies have to share data among either local or worldwide facilities. Our products offer a simple one-button click to send or share back-and-forth, colorimetric data anywhere in the world. No other system for color measurement offers all the capabilities that we do, at the low price of entry that we offer, and with the ease of use for the operator.
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