About Us

Advanced Color Technologies began business in 1990. We had just finished up working with Datacolor, previously known as Applied Color Systems. During our 10 years affiliated with Datacolor, we were personally involved in commercializing the first broad-based retail color matching system for all size paint outlets.

After our roughly 10 year association with Datacolor, we opened up our own sales agency and started by representing the X-Rite line of products. I am very proud to say that during our time with X-Rite, we help to develop the first Windows based quality control system, the first portable based color measurement  devices with both sphere and 45/0 measuring geometry, and the first fully integrated color matching system again for retail paint. This one box approach had both the spectrophotometer and computer residing in it and because of its simple to operate characteristics, we were able to place one of these devices and just about everyone of Walmarts 2000+ supercenters. Also, while at X-Rite we were the proud winners of multiple Salesman of the Year awards as well as winning one of the only few President’s award handed out.

In 2010, our business came to a “fork in the road”, and we took BOTH roads. I was invited to work again with Datacolor in their Color and Appearance group and at the same time, we teamed up with three other partners and formed a company called MeasureColor. Since starting this new venture about 10 years ago, we are now one of the world’s most used pressroom color measurement software products. We have more than 3000 worldwide licensees and we continue to bring extremely innovative new products to this marketplace. In addition to our work in the graphic arts marketplace, we also have thousands of customers using one of the new ultraportable color measurement devices in the retail paint marketplace. Some of the world’s largest companies are using this very low-cost product to help improve significantly the turnaround time in matching a customer’s target.

We work with all levels of people involved in the important, but sometimes difficult, task of accurate color measurement in the markets we serve. This ranges from production folks, plant management people, and Brand Owners.

When you partner with us at Advanced Color, you are guaranteed to get the most efficient, effective and affordable color measurement solutions. We do not just support and push one manufacturer’s devices, but will find the perfect solution from a choice of suppliers.

We promise to listen to your needs and come up with the best possible solution. Our products are easy to use and are designed with the user as the most important person in your company.