Collection: Check My Color for Production

If you are in the production area, you probably find yourself doing more and more jobs every day. Companies are under tremendous pressure today to turn a profit and the worlds health issues are not helping. Sometimes this means cutting staff, staff working from home or asking fewer people to do more so that plant personnel can stay safe.

Using the Advanced Color Technologies products, the production personnel get fast, easy to use data on the material be made in real time. Whatever equipment that best meets their needs is available through us. We offer tabletop, portable and even the new Ultra-Portable color measuring devices. We also have non-contact devices if that is the configuration that best measures your product. Our devices use 45/0 and sphere based optical geometry. We offer gloss meters and light boxes! We have server and non-server-based software products. If you have a color measurement issue, we are going to have a solution for you!

Using our equipment, you can perform multiple types of color inspections:

  • Pre-Production Inspection. Check your incoming raw materials before they are consumed in your factory. Know before production starts that the raw material meet standard.

  • During Production Inspections. Checking for color issues during production ensures that the material being made meets customer requirements.

  • Pre-Shipment inspection: This is done when production is complete. Representative samples of the finished material are checked for quality compliance.

  • Sorting Inspection: This is done to ensure the color compatible material is used together. Because most color tolerances are symmetrical around a target, you can have material that is slightly blue to target, slightly yellow to target, etc., and still be in compliance to targets. However, you would not want this material to find its way next to each in the final assembly. No one wants this miss-match to be in their products, even though these color differences meet target.

Also, if you are worried about what type of investment is required for all these capabilities, we have highly accurate equipment starting at less than $500!!!

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