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One of the unique selling points of the Advanced Color Technologies team is their strong knowledge base. Right from the start that made them a reliable source of information. I’ve been an ink chemist for 30 years, so I thought I knew a lot about color. But Norm’s team ran even deeper than that. They helped me to understand the equations and database. He gave me all kinds of solutions to problems-anything I asked they seemed to have an answer for and got creative with it. In other words: they are listening to their customers and they are providing services and products that are going to bring value to their customers. Everything I asked for, they have done for me!

Carol Way, Flexographic Print Capability Manager

I worked with Norm of nearly 5 years while I was at Datacolor and he excelled in sales acumen, technical knowledge and especially GROWTH. Norm and his team are expert in generating new business, as well as taking care of strategic customers. I highly recommend Norm for his professionalism, work ethic and execution.

Jeffrey Blake, Vice President Business Development at Dontech Inc

I've been on the ink side of the printing industry for over 20 years... I've taught dozens of colorimetry seminars over those years, I've always felt that I am somewhat of a color expert myself... I had the honor and pleasure of working with Norm at Clemson University recently in where he gave a presentation on color. I was blown away at how much deeper the knowledge ran of what I already knew, and how much Norm went over that I didn't know. Norm is an outstanding resource and an official guru of color as far as I'm concerned. At Quantum Ink, we've already expanded our technicians color knowledge based on what I was able to learn and experience from Norm. 

Adam Bland, President Quantum Ink Company

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