Collection: Ultra Portable Spectrophotometers

Spectro 1 by Variable Inc. is a compact, affordable tool for accurately measuring and communicating color at the professional and industrial level. The instrument is app compatible, Bluetooth enabled, and backed by one of the most powerful cloud management systems in the industry.

Spectro 1’s compact, portable design with patent pending technology provides a convenient, efficient, and highly accurate color matching system that works with your smartphone. Spectro by Variable App lets you easily measure, save, and share powerful color data.

Unlike colorimeters, Spectro 1 uses multiple light sources and sophisticated matching algorithms to produce exact color matches, formulations, reflectance curve data, and detailed color data for every scan.

8 products
  • Nix Spectro 2
  • Variable Spectro 1 (SCE) with USB Bridge Kit
  • Variable Spectro 1 (SCE)
  • Nix Spectro L
  • CHN Spec ColorMeter
  • Nix Mini 3
  • Variable Spectro 1 Pro (SCI) with USB Bridge Kit
  • Variable Spectro 1 Pro (SCI)