Collection: Check My Color for Brand Owners and Designers

Brand owners and designers have very special needs. You probably have material being made at multiple facilities owned by multiple companies. Once your material is produced, it finds itself on a shelf without regard usually to which company made the material or where it was manufactured. Color consistency here among all of the samples of material, are critical. A recent study by a major consumer products company found that 70% of all buyer decisions were made when the consumer was standing in front of the product display.

Advanced Color Technologies offers unique reporting capabilities that allow the brand owner or designer to instantly see the consistency of their material coming in from multiple sites worldwide. This product can be viewed on a PC or on a mobile device anywhere in the world. No more guessing what your product will look like on the shelf. Decisions can be made long before the material leaves the production environment and heads for the retail outlet. Our product is unique in its capabilities and is currently in use today by some of the largest companies in the world. This technology works whether you are printing, supplying plastic parts, painting parts or making textile-based materials.

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