Collection: Check My Color of Food

Alongside the flavor and texture of a food product, food scientists consider color to be a major factor in the selection of a food product. Studies have shown that if the color of the food is not right, the consumer will either not choose that product to begin with, or not consume it if presented with the off-color food. Because we see the color of the food before we enjoy the taste of it, the color sensation prepares us for what the food will taste like. It is well known that the colors red and yellow are the chief food colors stimulating our appetites. Certain colors are affiliated with particular tastes. Black-colored products typically have a burnt flavor, bright colors like yellow are perceived as sweet or sour, and red is perceived as spicy.

For fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables, we rely on color to determine the level of ripeness and freshness. Our color measurement solutions allow us to measure just about any food product. We offer traditional spectrophotometers and the new ultraportable, pocket-sized, measurement devices. We also give our users the choice of PC-based products or mobile-based solutions. In addition, we have manufactured positioning "jigs" that allow us to measure liquids and paste type products. One of the biggest advantages of our products is the almost instantaneous sharing of data worldwide. Once a measurement is taken on one of our devices, a single press of a button will share that data with anyone located anywhere in the world. No other system for color measurement offers all the capabilities that we do, at the low entry price that we offer, and with the ease of use for the operator.

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