Collection: Check My Color of Printing Inks

Before any printed product can be manufactured, the color of the printing ink must be precisely controlled. We offer multiple products that allow for the rapid check of the color prior to the printing process. If the user wishes to implement traditional spectrophotometers or the latest in ultraportable units, we can meet their needs. We also have solutions that run on a PC environment or multiple mobile platforms. Also, we have designed into our product the ability to almost instantaneously share color measurement data anywhere in the world. We know that material may be produced today at one location but rapidly needs to be reproduced somewhere else, using our equipment the color measurement data can be sent worldwide with the touch of one button. No other system for color measurement offers all the capabilities that we do, at the low price of entry that we offer, and with the ease of use for the operator.
8 products
  • X-Rite eXact Standard Edition
  • X-Rite CI64
  • MeasureColor Pro
  • MeasureColor Basic
  • On-Site Evaluation
  • Telephone Consultation
  • MeasureColor Reports
  • MeasureColor Packaging