Collection: Check My Color of Consumer Packaging

One of the world's largest consumer products companies has made the statement that 70% of all consumer choices are made with the consumer standing right in front of the product at the time of purchase. The color of that packaging material is extremely important as multiple studies have proven that the color and appearance of the packaging material has a major impact on which product is selected. CPC companies spend millions of dollars in product packaging design and off-color packaging can be an indication that the material on the shelf is dated or that the quality of the material inside the packaging is not as it should be. Using our solutions, you can ensure that the color of your packaging is as consistent as possible. No other company in the world offers you all the choices that we do for equipment selection. We interface with traditional spectrophotometers, ultraportable spectrophotometers, and software that runs on either PC applications or a fully mobile environment. Also, because of the nature of business today where materials may be produced anywhere in the world, our equipment allows for the almost instantaneous sharing of color data no matter where in the world it was produced. No other system for color measurement offers all the capabilities that we do, at the low cost of entry that we offer, and with the ease of use for the operator.
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