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MeasureColor is all about Quality Assurance, Process Control and standardization in print production. The system works with most spectral measurement devices directly and can import a variety of data formats so you are not tied to a specific device brand for both hardware and software.

It’s client/server based architecture guarantees a smooth implementation throughout your company where every user automatically works with the same datasets (e.g. color references, tolerances, measurement conditions, scoring, etc.). You can run the server from any location; Standalone, Intranet, or Cloud based, giving you complete freedom of how you want to work.

The MeasureColor client software acts as a comprehensive tool chest, providing role based color measurement and analysis tools for each type of user. Because of this, you can use MeasureColor throughout your entire workflow. Set custom color targets during pre-production meetings, certify digital color proofs, analyze ink/substrate behavior and dry back, utilize closed-loop color control, and view post production quality analysis & reporting. All in one system.

MeasureColor is designed to perform in any print environment. Digital print, commercial offset, web offset, gravure, screen and flexographic print. Whatever you print, we’ll optimize your color quality.

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Which version do I need?

Base Specifications Basic Pro Packaging
ChromaTrack - color corrections based on spectral analysis
Local, intranet or cloud based server software
User settings via Web Management Module
Touchscreen support with on-screen keyboard
Main Functions Basic Pro Packaging
Color Gamut Analysis
ISO12647/GRACoL G7 Measurement Analysis
Flexible scoring system
Delta-E CIE76, CIE94, CIE2000, CMC
Number of Multi Spot Color Analysis 4 8 12
Inkzone analysis colors per side 6 8
Dot Gain Analysis
CTP Compensation Curves generation
Spectral Gray Balance Calculations
Gray Balance per Ink Zone
Smart Functions Basic Pro Packaging
Print Quality Scoring System
Automatic detection and notification of colorstrip defects
Image up to number of colors 4 6 12
Automatic job setup
Certification & Reporting Basic Pro Packaging
Reporting per print job
Job based statistics & trends
Proof Certification
Libraries Basic Pro Packaging
Paper and Ink Libraries
Custom Color Libraries
Device Support Basic Pro Packaging
X-Rite Eye One Pro
X-Rite 530 & 939
X-Rite Spectro Eye
X-Rite eXact (Spot & Scan)
Techkon SpectroJet
Techkon SpectroDrive
X-Rite IntelliTrax
Strips & References Basic Pro Packaging
Support for IDEAlliance 12647 Wedge
Support for UGRA/ Fogra Media Wedge
Custom strips and references
Import/Export Basic Pro Packaging
Export measurement data
Import data from other systems
Closed loop data feed
Export to Ink Formulation



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