Collection: Check My Color for Quality Control

Every day, the product produced at your facility is probably being compared to a competitive supplier. Using our color measurement devices and software products, we offer easy to use products that take away all of the issues when approving production using the human eye. Numerous, customer designed reports are available for record keeping and for when a quality audit might be asked for by a customer. Nothing hurts more than to receive a call from a customer saying the quality of your product is second rate and orders are being taken away and moved to another supplier.

Accurate color checks are performed to ensure that production material meets the quality standards, that you are in compliance with what your customer expects and, in many cases, helps you ensure that your products meets any relevant product safety standards.

From the food we eat, to the colors of all the plastic material we come in contact with every day, to the aesthetics of the cars we drive, and to the design qualities of the coatings we apply every day, color affects the quality of the product and ultimately influences the overall customer satisfaction.

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