WHAT I DO...For more than 30 years, I have been involved in industrial color measurement for the Graphic Arts, Automotive, Paint, Plastic and Textile Industries. Our team has experience will almost all the commercially available spectrophotometers and software products. In 2009 I formed MeasureColor, along with three other partners, to produce the best Graphic Arts color control software product. Our product has been accepted by product Brand Owners and some of the world's largest printers as well as shops with only one press. We now have more than 3000+ worldwide licensees. In addition to MeasureColor, I have also been a sales representative for X-Rite and Datacolor, the world leaders in color measurement for the paint, plastic and textile markets.

WHO DO I WORK WITH...We work with all levels of people involved in the important, but sometimes difficult, task of accurate color measurement in the markets we serve. This ranges from production folks, plant management people, and Brand Owners.

WHY IT WORKS...When you partner with us at Advanced Color/MeasureColor, you are guaranteed to get the most efficient, effective and affordable color measurement solutions. We do not just support and push one manufacturer, but will find the perfect solution from a choice of suppliers.

WHY I AM DIFFERENT...I listen to your needs and come up with the best possible solution. Our products are easy to use and are designed with the user as the most important person in your company.

HOW IT WORKS...We start with a free on-site evaluation of your needs. We will then prepare a detailed proposal for you that illustrates all the equipment and support costs. Because we have more than 3000 customers, we probably have experience in your exact industry and product.

READY TO TALK?...Please feel free to connect with me here at LinkedIn, drop me an email at norm@measurecolor.com, or call me directly 864-370-2990.